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The last Timelord on Wattpad

Chapter One 
Chapter Two


“Wait 'till you see it, Sam." The Doctor beamed "Gallifrey is one of the most beautiful places in the cosmos." The happy attitude of a child of the Doctor, although seemed false by Sam and Dean at first, now dawned on them that with his memories missing he might not know what awaited him on Gallifrey and so there was no reason for the Doctor so seemed despaired. Sam, although liking the happy man before him, wished to tell him everything about the events known by many of the hunters.
"Doctor, I know you're excited, but it's been a long time since you've been home," Sam smiled sadly
"Actually, after Rassilon and Omega discovered time travel, Gallifrey wouldn't have changed much, it's still the same bright, silver-leafed forests glistening with snow with a burnt orange sky at night, Oh Sam just you wait"
Sam glanced at Dean sadly, they both knew The Doctor is going to discover the truth about his race, whether they tell him or not.
"And because there's a lock on the Kasterborous system meaning we can only enter in a certain year and date, so Timelords don't find out the future of Gallifrey. So it is the way I remember it" The Doctor smirked. Sam smiled back, unsure of what to say or what to do. The Doctor will find out, and when he does, Sam shuddered at the possibilities of what could happen.
Crowley paced, his black suit stained slightly with blood "Meg, I want a reliable army, not like the like the morons that failed me last time. I don't want to stay too long and risk losing his trail." Crowley has lost half his souls to the Doctors trick, only a few survived including Meg and himself.
"You mean the Doctor?" Meg shrugged, relaxing on a padded bar stool. Crowley's eyes flashed a crimson red as he slammed his hand down on the bar table,
"Don't mention his name near these damned souls!" he growled under his breath, "Once word gets out that he's alive every monster, demon and alien will be out looking for him and I don't want anyone getting in the way."
"Getting in the way of what Crowley?" A rough voice called, down the bar, not too far away from them sat a white-eyed demon sipping whisky. He sat composed as though he thought he was the most regal thing to walk the Earth. Picking up his drink, the demon stood, and smiled as he began to walk over, he smiled a placid smile that manifests sadism and evil.
"Lord Alastair," Crowley said lowly
"It's Sir Alastair now" he grinned flashing his white eyes "And Princess Meg; the great demon of hell."
"Good evening Alastair, congratulations on the promotion," she said looking up for the first time, flashing her black eyes.
"Interesting that your eyes are black, I would have assumed a princess like you would have a more regal colour. Anyway, the crossroad king and Azazel's daughter are welcome guests anytime." Alastair guffawed, taking a sip from his drink "What brings you to my bar?"
"I'm in need of a better army. I need more demons. More souls."
Alastair smiled slightly placing his glass on the counter "I saw your bruised souls come in earlier. That's quite a bit of damage." Alastair was probing for information, Crowley and Meg both knew this, and with any amount of luck, they hoped Alistair didn't find anything out.
"Yes, you wouldn't believe what happened." Meg smiled "Crowley! Tell Alastair what happened."
Crowley couldn't believe his ears, glaring at the princess, Crowley grimaced "Yes, I will do that." he paused to think for a second "It was incredible... What did we get ambushed or something?"
"Uh, yes!" Meg confirmed, smiling confused as to what to say. "Right, ambushed by a large group of hunters."
Taking a sip of his whisky Alastair smiled, "Really? You must regale me with all the thrilling details." Meg glanced at Crowley, concerned. "Join me for a drink in the VIP lounge?" Alastair asked.
"Sorry, but we have to go. Lots of demons to hire" Crowley, smugly stated.
"Crowley, show Alastair your respect," Meg growled nudging him in the ribs "We would be honoured to join you."
"We have a better range of whiskies in the lounge, including Craig, 30 years." Alastair smirked, leading them past a red rope "I was under the assumption that was your favourite drink?" Meg and Crowley exchange a look before walking past the rope.
"Hey, stomach, be quiet, all right? I'm trying to find us some food." Dean groaned searching the TARDIS console room. "Hey Doc, got any grub? I'm starving"
The doctor, however, wasn't listening, as his focus was on the stars outside the blue box. "The end of the Mutter's Spiral! We're almost there!" The Doctor grinned, looking at the pale blue swirls of the system dancing with each other, spiralling into the centre as small flecks of red zipped through the blue. "Beautiful, no?" he asked to no one in particular.
"Doctor?" Sam voiced, "Before we get to Gallifrey I want to talk to you about the time lords."
The Doctors ears pricked up, "what about them?"
Sam stared at his feet for a moment thinking of the best way to tell the Timelords "Well, I just want you to be prepared for what you might see." Sam's gloomy face stared intently at the alien. "Demons are ruthless. They killed my mother and my girlfriend, they could have done the same to your people."
The Doctor chuckled at the human "Just because no one has seen a Timelord doesn't mean demons killed them all Sam. They probably escaped."
"I know it's hard to accept." Sam began
"You don't understand, Samuel." The Doctor snapped, "The only way to get to Gallifrey is on an intergalactic ship and I doubt demons have any. Also, Gallifrey has a time lock, you can only enter at certain points in the timeline, that way we can't travel ahead and spoil our own future."
Sighing, Sam asked, “And what point in time are we arriving in?” 
“About a hundred years since I was last there, or well remember being there at least.” Before Sam could reply The Doctors grim look turned excited as he pointed out a star system. "There it is the Kasterborous constellation. I'm home."
"And by year's end, London will be under our rule and Azazel will finally claim victory in this war," Alastair grinned chugging down the last of his drink.
Chugging the last of his drink Crowley growled: "If Azazel thinks the rest of the world will follow him willingly then he is a fool."
Alastair's eyes widen in shock, never had he heard such disrespect towards the King. Calming himself, he sighed pouring himself another glass "Two years in banishment have done little to temper your tongue, Crowley." Alastair knew this was a sore spot, even if Crowley kept using the name 'king of the crossroads' truth was he wasn't. Not anymore. "So how is your search for the Doctor going?" Alastair smirked.
"We haven't found him yet." Crowley groaned; he hated with every ounce of his body the thought of Alistair picking up The Doctors trail and stealing away his only way of redeeming himself.
The room stayed quite as they glared at each other until Alistair spoke "Did you really expect to?" he smirked, raising his drink to his mouth, "The Doctor died long ago along with the rest of the timelords." his smirk widened as he put the glass down without taking a swig, glaring at the yellow hue of his drink. "Unless you found some evidence that the doctor is alive."
Crowley could feel the glare of Alistair as well as Meg on him. "No. Nothing," he replied curtly.
"Crowley, the doctor is the only one who can stop demons from winning this war." Alistair stated, "If you have an ounce of loyalty left you'll tell me what you've found"
"I haven't found anything. It's like you said. The Doctor probably died a long time ago." the two demons glared at each other eyes of white and red. "Come on, Meg, we're going," Crowley growled, but just as they stood to leave a black eyed soul ran up to them.
"Alistair we interrogated Crowley's army as you instructed." The Demon stated, "They confirmed Crowley had the Doctor in custody but let him escape."
And just like that Crowley could feel his welcome back to hell slipping out his hands and smash upon the tiled bar floor, as Alistair looked up at him with his signature grin. "Now, remind me how exactly was your army was decimated?" 
“Outside those doors”, The Doctor pronounced “is Gallifrey, home of the Timelords.” Slowly the brothers pushed open the doors to be greeted by a sight was unlike anything the two had seen before, auburn sands and crimson fields lined with silver leafed trees. 
They walked slowly through the red fields of Gallifrey; every now and then The Doctor would stop and point things out about small things he remembers from Gallifrey.  Dean let out a groan "So where do I get something to eat?" Dean whined, to no one in particular.
"You're lucky enough to be one of the first outsiders to ever be on Gallifrey, and all you can think about is food?" Sam questioned
"I'm just a simple guy with simple needs. Food and sex"
"Classy" Sam grimaced, glaring daggers at his brother until The Doctor's voice cut them off.
"So that's where my old friend and I would play until dusk!" he indicated towards a large hill, of orange and silver, before frowning at the ground.
"What's wrong?" Sam questioned
"This place used to be full of Gallifreyans and Timelords. Now there's just a bunch of empty fields. I can't believe how much things have changed."
"So, uh, this old friend of yours what was he like?"
The two suns were high in the sky bringing an everlasting glow to the plains of Gallifrey; The Doctor was still continuing his tale of his childhood friend stopping every now and then to ask himself how he remembers him.
"Making him feel better is putting me in a world of boredom." Dean groaned silently to his brother, before wandering slightly away. The Doctor had rediscovered another place he had remembered and was blabbering about what he knew, unaware that neither the brothers were near him. Dean had discovered a large metal canister rusted with age with a slight bit of powder.
"Sam, check this out." The canister, Sam and Dean had seen it before, raining from the sky in 2010.
"A Dalek head, and look Sulphur." The brothers glance over to the man who was fiddling with the long red grass.
"We should tell him." Dean stated, "Doc, there's something you need to see."
The Doctors head popped up, "Okay. What is it?” 
“Uh, just a place we want to investigate" Sam rushed dodging the Doctor’s sight from the Dalek head. "We have a whole temple to see!" 
"You know, you can't protect him forever. Sam, they were here. You can't pretend they weren't.” Dean growled quietly.
“I can for the doctor's sake."
"If he finds out that Daleks invaded his home he'll be devastated let alone Demons." The brothers whispered. The loud shouting of The Doctor cut off their conversation.
“Hey, guys! I know where I want to go” THE doctor smiled running off “and I know who you should meet”
“There.” The Doctor said staring at a large intricate door
“But Doctor no one could have survived in there for hundreds of years.”
“It's not impossible not with a bit if time manipulation.” The Doctor smirked
“Good point, but is it really a good idea to go in there.”
“Dean, whoever's in there, might be able to help me figure out this amnesia thing!”
“So, two boys, a middle-aged man, and a drunk bested you and your demons? You're more pathetic than I thought.” Alistair sneered.
“I underestimated him once, but it will not happen again.” Crowley snarled back
“No, it will not because you won't have a second chance.”
“Alistair, I've been hunting the doctor for five years and I-”
“And you failed! Capturing The Doctor is too important to leave in a salesman's hands.” Alistair stated playing with the rim of his cup. “He's mine now, and so. Are. You.”
“Send word to Azazel immediately, The Doctor has returned” 
The room stood tall the roof several meters in the air, no-one inside just large holographic like statues stood, eleven in total, ranging in ages and height.
“Holograms?” Dean questions staring at a skinny figure in a long brown coat “That's it? Where's the food, where’s something I can put in my mouth?” 
“Dean!” Sam growled “Doc, Who are all these people?”
“I'm not sure, but it feels like I know them somehow.”
“Look!” points Dean at some circle on the base of one, “Aliens really do write in crop circles”
“No, those are done by humans, Aliens have no business in destroying crops to send messages, and however, that is a language. It’s Gallifreyan. 
“Well no shit Doctor, we are on Gallifrey after all, just tell us what it says.”
“It says that they're The Doctors. All these people are my past lives?” The Doctor says in awe “Wow! There's so many! To think I can’t remember any of them.” 
“Past lives? Sam, you really believe in that stuff?”
“It's true.” Sam declares, “Remember in dad's journal, ‘Timelords can regenerate themselves, and ensure that they don’t die by taking the form of another’”

“That’s not entirely accurate, but it’s a good attempt from a primitive race-“ he trailed off, staring at a hologram projection of one of his past lives. 
“Doctor. Doctor, snap out of it!”  “
“Who is that?” 
“He was in my dream, or was it a memory.”
The three men stand, staring at the hologram, his tattered clothes that seemed like it was originally from Earth, minus a few centuries, and his worn down dreary face and small white facial hair.
“You sure it's you?’ Dean joked “he’s the only one here with facial hair” The Doctor didn’t answer the Winchesters question instead he just kept staring, staring at the strange man who was said to be him. The air was still, no sound echoed, the planet was dead, empty fields and empty buildings. The how the world was orange and silent.  The world changed the orange turned grey, and black, and slowly the world began to flood with heavy rain and a silhouette, a silhouette of a man stood, in the middle of it all doing nothing, The man's head turned up and looked at the Doctor, with his sad eyes, and his face flashed back into that of the hologram. He was back on Gallifrey.
The room was as dull and dreary with all the silence in the universe, no sound, but the sound of short breaths. That was until slowly but surely they began to hear something, like footsteps in the distance. 
“Demon?” Dean asked “Dalek?”
“Daleks don’t have feet,” Sam whispered back moving to the wall adjacent to the door. “Nobody, make a sound.” 
“You're making a sound!” Dean snarled
“Sh!” Sam glared
“That demon won't know what hit 'em,” Dean smirked leaning up against the other side of the door. The man to enter the door was neither alien nor demon; he looked and walked like every other man. His blue eyes seemed to glow in the dull corridors, his coat flapped behind him in the gentle breeze, feathered shadows fell around him as he drew closer to the Winchesters and The Doctor.

The armies stood, their tainted souls seething with malice. “My search party is ready,” Alistair smirked standing tall.
“Once I'm out to hunt, my guards will escort you out and you'll be free to go.”
Crowley stands in defiance, glaring down the white-eyed bastard. “Why? Are you worried I'm going to try and stop you?” he growled
Alistair didn’t stir; he stood tall and gave a short chuckle, “You? Stop me?” he laughed “Impossible.”
Crowley’s jaw clamped with anger “Don't underestimate me, Alistair.”  The two demons alike most of the day so far stared each other down, their coloured eyes beaming. “I will capture the doctor before you.”
The tension was high and the malice was ever growing between the two. Alistair scoffed in triumph “You can't compete with me.” He said smugly “I have hundreds of souls under my command and you; you're just a banished shoemaker and tradesman. No home. No allies. Your own son doesn't even like you, and nor does yellow eyes.”
The wound cut deep; for even for a second, he believed that he didn’t like him “You're wrong. Once I deliver the Doctor to Azazel he will welcome me home with honour and restore my rightful place on the throne. You’re just jealous that Azazel entrusted the capture of the Doctor and victory of Demonkind on me and not you.”
“If he really wanted you home he'd have let you return by now Doctor or no Doctor” Alistair retorted “But in his eyes, you are a failure and a disgrace to all demons”
“That's not true.” His eyes danced, his soul burned like fire “Is that a challenge?”
'Atrum proelio?'
"At sunset."
“Very well.”
“It's a shame Azazel won't be here to watch me humiliate you.” Alistair taunted, “I guess his daughter will do.”
“Crowley, have you forgotten what happened last time you duelled a master?” Meg begged
“I will never forget.”
“He’s getting closer” Dean mumbled, as the footsteps grew. The Doctor, silent, and still standing still in the middle of the room finally spoke. “Daleks? Demons? They were here!” 
“Doctor now’s not the time,” Sam growled. 
“I’m all alone” The footsteps grew nearer. 
“Doctor, please”
“They’re all gone, The Master, Susan, everyone” As realisation dawned upon The Doctor, the wind began to grow around him, circling him in a cloud of dust.
“Doc! Come on snap out of it!” Dean yelled over the on growing storm “The Demons gonna be here any second.” Yet no response came from the Timelord. The wind grew stronger every second and soon the Winchesters were finding it hard to stand. 
A field was cleared, the sun slowly hitting the horizon, making the sky dance with hues of red, orange and yellow. The two demons stood taking a knife to their meat-suits carving a binding seal. “This will ensure you don’t leave your pathetic meat-suit.” Alistair gloats “and ensures you don’t…  run away.” 

“Remember your duelling basics, Crowley” Meg pleaded, 
Crowley smirked, “I refuse to let him win.” Crowley turns around to face his opponent, taking off his tailored coat and tie. 

“This will be over quickly.” Alistair taunts 

A few metres down the field demons released themselves from their meat suits creating the signal to start. Both demons face each other, demon knives in hand assuming a fighting stance. Crowley attacks first harmlessly at Alistair’s left, and again which also passes without effect to Alistair’s right. Crowley attacks several times more each one swiftly dodged by the white-eyed demon, Crowley attacks again this time Alistair blocks it, satisfaction evident on his face. With each attack Crowley gets more and more frustrated, Crowley moves again attacking a few more times, although closer to hitting his opponent this time, Alistair still managed to easily block every attack. Alistair easily amused on how pathetic his opponent was finally made a move forcing Crowley to fly a few metres back to near where Meg was standing. 
“Basics, Crowley! Break his seal!” Meg pleaded 
Alistair attacks again, alternating between kicks, punches and lashing out with his knife. Crowley is forced further back, and with another kick sends Crowley flying back even further and into the dirt. Alistair lunges at Crowley landing right next to Crowley who was too slow to get up. Alistair flashes his eyes white and grips his demon knife and swiftly stabbing it down towards Crowley’s head. Crowley only just lucky enough managed to roll out of the way. While getting up Crowley swings his leg out and unbalances and knocks Alistair to the ground cutting his seal on the way. Crowley lands on his feet with a smirk. Crowley had won the fight, if he wanted with Alistair at this point he could end the demon but instead, he just walked off towards Meg.
Alistair gets up, with a howl of anger unleashes himself from the meat suit and straight towards Crowley, however just before he reached Crowley his smoky self was put straight into his meat suit. Meg stood tall, as she had stopped the dishonourable attack and unarmed him.  Crowley turns to the scene ready to avenge the insult, but is stopped by Meg “No, Crowley Do not taint your victory.”
Meg turns to Alistair, a look of condescension on her face
“So this is how the great Alistair acts in defeat? Disgraceful.
Even in exile, Crowley is more honourable than you.” She growled, her eyes flashing blacker than any soul “Thanks again for the drink. It was delicious.”
Meg moves to leave with a confused Crowley behind her once they were out of ears range of Alistair and his followers Crowley asked what was nagging him “Did you really mean that, Meg?” he asked referring to him being honourable. 
“Of Course.” She smiled “I told you Peach Schnapps is my favourite:” 

“DEAN AND I, WE'RE YOUR FAMILY NOW,” Sam yelled out 
“It wasn't your fault.” A voice mumbled, his eyes fierce and cold staring down the emotional alien. As his eyes glowed brighter the wind began to stop.  “But you are right Doctor. Daleks and Demons found Gallifrey, you really are the last Timelord and the universe needs you.”
"You ready to go?” The stranger asked gesturing towards the TARDIS
The Doctor stared at his past self and sighed “How is My Past-self supposed to help me if I can't talk to him?'
"Maybe you'll find a way." The stranger smiled before a demon knife is plunged into his back.
Fear struck Dean harder than his father on a bad day, he didn’t die. "Who or what are you?” Sam asked
“I am the angel Castiel, an angel of the lord."


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